The 8th Annual Scientific Meeting of Osteoporosis was held on Aug 09th 2014 at Saigon - Ban Me hotel in Buon Ma Thuat city, Dak Lak province.

sai gon buon me


At the conference, Bone and Muscle Research Group had 4 presentations:

    1. Dr. Ho Pham Thuc Lan - "Role of Genetics in Osteoporosis and Genes Related to Osteoporosis in Vietnamese Humans".

DSC 3159


    2. Dr. Lai Quoc Thai - "Correlation between Leptin and Bone Density".

DSC 3164


    3. Dr. Mai Duy Linh - "Correlation between Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritic Spine".

DSC 3110


    4. Sam Vinh Loc - "Correlation between Body Composition and Bone Density".

DSC 3177